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orkouts o kick off weight 3 bmore fireworks nats natsbaltimore rings in another new year. 3&and with it comes.. new laws... and a last minute deal tt avoid the fiscal cciff. &p3 3 pappy new year!january 1st 2013 3
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2013 is officially here... and with it comes new laws... to perform the first same sex -3 marriage ceremony whee the plock struck midnight. middight.there you go you may kissladies and gentllmenni am honorrd to present...... honored to present...... marriage pprtners for ife life jaaes scales and william tasker were the first saae sex couple to beelegglly married in baltimore. scalessays that he can hardly yearss 02:13:16 we've had good times and bad times aad looking
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hav ea partner for the rest of oor lives. lives. scales as worked for the baltimore mayor's office for 25 yearss same-ssx couples in marrland have been able o get marriage licenses since december 6thh ut they did not take effect until todaa. nine states and the legalized same-sex marriage. 3 a fiscal cciff deal... heads to the house for final approval. approvvl.thii ccmessafter the senate overwhelming apprrved a last- inute package that pould keep the expiiing bush- era tax cuts in place for individuall earning less than 400-thousand dollars... or couples making less ttann450---. vice president joe biden delivered the news of a deal to ddmoccratiiclawmakees. the paakage blocks ssending puts forrtwoomonths, extends unemployment bennfits for the long-term jjbless, prevents a 27 perccnt cuttin fees for doctors who treat medicare patients and prevents a spike in milk prices. aa members f connress from for -
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taking effect in march. theyyffnally reached an hht agreement. whole sst: orking through the deal.... ..... this hd reppclibans are ready for. for the house is expected to vote on the prooosal either todayy or tomorrow. it's not just the fiscal cllff... lawmakers also have to worry about the debb legal borrowing limit of
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166point-4 trillion dolllrs yesserday.the treasury depaatment is taking measures to buy time until the end of february.they include... suspending some investments in benefit funds for feeeeal workers.but afterrthat... the treasury wwll noo be able to pay all oo theecountry's bills in full... and on time. congress would have to vote on raising thh debt ceiling... setting tteestage for another fight n capital hill. the new year brings violence in sacramento, california... where two eople were killed and three others injured. injured.40-thousand people gathered in old sacramento for gunfire erupted.officers rushhd to close-off the crime scene... and the midnight celeeration was worrdon what prompteddthe shooting... or a suspect. as we cllsed out 2012 in paltimore... nn nummer rings out... tte murder count.there were 216 homicides.... compared to 117 in all f was more violent in the city
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of baltimore.paul gessler has more on how community leaders pre reeembering the city's homicide victims. (reading names)aa balttmore prepares to ring in the neww year...(nnmes))ommuniiy &pleaders look back at the namms are read aloud.19.21.22 reading names "floyd dorsey, 59--that's my cousin-- michael williams, 45....victims of violencc... and part f thee city's growing homicide rate. commissioner nthony batts, baltimore ciiy police:"too many lives being lost. that's too many brothers, too many uncles, too many fathers, too manyypeople of cooor and nonncolor losing their lives." paphne alston, mmther of murdee victim:"why do we look at them like hey're animals? why do we thinn thaa they were daphne alston come toothis pear- end vigil... her oww son killed fouu yeers ago.daphne alston, mother of urder victim:"you could lose them in a car accident, buttit'' the loss being taken by another
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have no respect for human life anymore."srb:: "the peoole whoo we've lost o violence on the streets are sons, aaghters, brothers, sssters,, others, fathers. their loos s tragic to their families and to this city."(names from other guy) ggrdnel carter, safe strrets:"life is sacced. it's something should never be given back."(names) baltimore city police:"these people had names. ttey had drrams. they had aspirations." (names)(candle burns outt & last night... was tte fourthh aanual anti- homicide campaign memoriall year... in style... and in safe. saaety.bmorr fireworks nats natsnew year's violence has beeome a tradition here innthe thankfully a peaceful one.
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city pooiceestepped up security... not only in the inner harbor but in neighborhoods across the citt. cars... and... watthinn with cameras citywide....ooe undred sppciiically focused on the rolled out over the - 6:44:10 and it really llows for increased scrutiny over eeit and entry points it also alllws for post event ttaffic on pratt street real issue :21 :21 many of the acticssused last night by police come as a result of paat celebrations att theeharbor....where people p3ii new york nd around the woold, people wellomeddin 20-13. 5.....4.....3.....2.....1 happy new year! 3 ccowded ii times ssuare too waach the cryssallcovereddball . drop.this year, amonggthe ne ton of confetti dropped n the
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crowd at midnight were fans' messages to the late dick clark...longtime host of the april..- siice mann parents knew their children would be asleep whee the ball dropped....someekids at port discovery decided to ring in the new year in their own way. ---------happyynew year cheer--- cheer--------- the interactive museum for kids held a "noontime news ears superhero spectacular". the favorite superhero, while noiseemakers for the big event. a day... hat kids n pprents... enjoyed. 3&"you know its one of our busiest days o the yeer butt its also one of ouu happiest days of the year everyone juut comes anddhave a great time ii
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pean itssall about just giving kids that great new years &pexperience veryone has a great time." timee" kids also art... and a juuce and cookies toast. year for... movies!movie ccod goers... wenn to theaterr in droves this past year, with almmst 11-billion bucks in ticket analyst thinks 20-13 could be even better.a nummerrof high- theaterr, inccuding hor, ironman, superman, star trek and unger games films. president obama's health care law survives a crucial voteein the supreme courtt.. through the worst outbreak f the est nile viius. virus.docttr mannyyalvarez has a recap of this year's health n. news. 3& manny on cam: 2012 was tense year at the intersection of healthcare, politiis and faith.(take vo) the breast ccncer susan g. komen decidee to stop funding planned arenthood -- which
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provides abortions, as well as contracepttves and cancer screening. aftee innensee criticism, komen restored the funning -- and its chief executive stepped dwnn president obama ordered violates theirrreligious d this ffeedom. places f worship were exempt, but their &pnot..n june, the supreme cour upheld theekey element of tte president's health reforms --- reqqiring people to purchase "here n ameriia, in the illness or accident should lead to any family's financial ruun."critics saa the mandate wwll just burden to individuals ann businesses -- &pand won't rrduce costs.the countee sales of hhme testing kits for h-i-v....floridd outbreak in the city of jaaaksonville killed at least thirreen peopll, any f them homeless.and more than two sued the leaguee--claiming pro-footballlhid information linking head trauma to
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nfl denies any wrongdoing.the &pdisneyybanned junk-food ads for children.and llts of kidss complained abou new school lunches, with more fruits and york city is limiiing the size of sugary drinks sold n estaraunts, stadiums and arenas.sot bllombergg:"this is the single bbggest step any ccty has ever taken, i think, to curb ooesity, and we bblieve it superstorm sandy made survivors sick. it's believed dust and mold in the wweckage caused respiraaory may have beee ameriia's worst year of west nile virus -- carried by mosquitoes. the encephalitis - aad more thaa two hundred nd thirty people have diee. salmonellaa--- inn killed threeepeople and -- ssckened hudreds. theebacteria also turned up in peanuu butter -- made many children ill --and was raced back to a
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pteroids sed to treaa pain.. they came from this compounddng pharmacy in massachusetts. hundreds of peopleedevelopeddfungal peningitis -- anddmore than on-cam : the new england compounding center had a long history of complaints abouu cleanliness,dating back more than a decadd. for the fox and safe new year.m dr. manny a are you our biggest fan??hen you can beeome.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll pick oneeof our viewers from our facebook page... anddfeature them on fox45 news at become a fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slass foxbaltimore. coming up on the early edition... kick off yyur newwyear on the right foot. foot.what you need to do before hitting the gym to work on your weight losssresolution. ((break 1)) [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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subway. eat fresh. high mass on new year's day ds -
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the catholii church lso marks the world day oo peace oo january 1, a tradition begun by pope paul the 6th in 968. ((ad lib meteorologist))((ad llb weathee)) 3
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((ad lib meteorologiss)) 3
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still to ome... what's the big diifeeence?the reason that peoppe are more liiely to skip taking generic drugs.. haa name brand ooes. ones.and next... saae monny... and yyur waistline.thrre things you an do when ordeeing takeout to cut costs p((ump ouu))
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3 meaas, mann americans will &pturn to takeout this week. online ordering makes it easy, but caloriee can add up, perhaps at dds with those new year'' resolutions.karin caifa healthier and cheaper.e orders cheaper.
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the concept of orderiig food online or usiig a martphonn app has made dinner easy. but it can also make it mooee costly,,and less healthy. a recent study from thh university of rochester evaluated 160,000 online orders to a nooth carolina pizza shop over the course of cloak of online anonymity came orders with higherrcostt and more calories. the same online tooll to oad more toppings on a pizza - can easily be used to customizeea healthier meal. sites like grubhub, for example, havee reccntly added mmre options. really ask for these low-fat, low-carb, vegetarian,, gluten-free, of things like phat, becauss they want more hhalthy options. ordering online means requests tootakee off sauces, substitute healthier sides are less liiely to get lost in the shuffle - so take dvantage of that. and for big portions -- assittarrives. one of tte
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nice things about deliveeyy &pfood is it comes in iis own container so you can put haaf that portion in the fridge and eat ittas a leftover. that cuts calories and turring one meal into two, or possibly three -- adding more bang -- and less bulk --forr he buck. caifa. umer watch, i'm karin the sciennific reason that recess... is a necessary part education.///sottto break/// 3
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